Below are just a few testimonials which I have included because my clients have kindly offered to take the time to write them for me. As most of my work is referral based, I am humbly grateful to everyone below for their generous comments.

Katy Hayton,  ‎March 25 2013 ·

Just a quick message to thank Melanie, (Vital Holistics) for several outstanding treatments. From the moment she answered the door on my first appointment I was made to feel so relaxed and welcome in her home. Melanie showed me to her dedicated treatment room where we spoke about how I would like to feel by the end of the treatment and if I had any niggly pregnancy problems or pains. I felt totally safe and comfortable confiding in her. The massage itself was bliss, and being touched in such a gentle and positive way made me feel like I was wrapped in a peaceful, safe cocoon. After the treatment my pains (hip pain mostly) had gone and I felt wonderful.
On another occasion I requested that I would like to feel more energised and she adapted her technique accordingly. After this treatment my body felt lighter and I really did have a spring in my step! Melanie truly listens to what you would like to get out of the massage and her love for her job is clear. I would whole heartedly recommend her to any lady looking for a pregnancy massage.
Thank you Mel, I am looking forward to our next appointment!

I found Vital Holistics whilst searching on the internet for a qualified pregnancy massage therapist.  From looking at the website, I could see that Melanie had the kind of ethos and holistic approach I was looking for.  During the treatment, I felt totally at peace and connected with my baby.  The breathing techniques and visualisation combined with the physical benefits of the massage allowed me to feel totally relaxed and at ease for the first time in a very long time!

S Pinkiss- Teacher, Ipswich 2013.

After the treatment I felt so much lighter on my feet, my joints and muscles were relaxed and I felt like I had ‘space’ in my tummy as opposed to the ‘squashed’ feeling I had previously.  I felt very positive and I would highly recommend this treatment to all pregnant women.
Amy V Parker Ipswich, April 2012

I have been seeing Melanie on a regular basis for over two years. I am always impressed by her treatment techniques and her physical and emotional awareness of what will work best in each individual situation. She is constantly learning and evolving and I am very happy to travel this path with her.

I started our last session feeling stressed, unable to switch off yet exhausted – totally shattered. Melanie helped me to refocus on the positive feelings I wanted to experience. In this session “re-connected” “calm” and “balanced”. Melanie has an innate ability to attune herself to what is needed in each session. All I have to do is remember to breathe! I don’t know what Melanie does or how she does it, but I do know I can trust her to be always working for my benefit.  I just drift peacefully and dreamily through the session.  At the end of my No HandsMassage I had somehow been put back together in better shape, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Working with Melanie is a powerful, positive transformative experience, which I greatly appreciate and enjoy.
Donna M -Felixstowe, Suffolk

“I was in desperate need of a massage and also I wanted to start the induction process as I was 39 weeks pregnant.

I found Melanie – Vital Holistics via Google. I would never normally use a such a personal service without a reference first but I liked what I saw on Melanie’s website and the fact she was also local to where I had just moved to was also helpful so I thought why not go for an induction and see how I felt.

I am so glad that I did, from the first hello I found myself completely at ease in her presence and was impressed by her professionalism.  The treatment started and I was very soon transported to my private place where I go to truly relax.  I was very intune with my baby who I knew I would very soon get to meet.  The massage was an amazing and uplifting experience of which I know Phoebe (my daughter) also enjoyed  as she could obviously sense how relaxed and intune with her I was.

The reflexology was at times a little uncomfortable, but being so heavily pregnant I was extra sensitive to most things and as I wanted to start the induction process this way I knew to expect a little discomfort.

I  finally gave birth to a beautiful daughter and she was brought into this world naturally and at home.  I truly believe the help and care I received from Melanie made the transition for both Phoebe and myself an experience to never forget.”

Erica (Easton, Suffolk) – Company Owner – Creative

“Melanie has been helping me to deal with a build up of stress and tension over the last month and after a course of treatments I feel so much better. With her help I have regained my strength, self confidence and inner peace, I feel I can laugh freely again. Her professional and caring approach has helped me take ownership of my own inner healing and we have worked together to deal with areas that have been troubling me. With her guidance we have worked to meet my objectives through a combination of relaxation treatment and no hands massage. The no hands massage gives a fantastic feeling of warmth and connectedness that helps you to completely relax and feel at peace.

Melanie thank you for your professionalism, acceptance, enthusiasm, and grace at all times. Most of all thank you for your commitment to this process.”

Cris Rocholl (Ipswich, Suffolk ) – IT Company Director

“Thanks so much for the massage. It was brilliant and here are my comments for your website. -May 2013.

1 Why you chose my work- ( Did I mention I  thought the site was short and clear?)
Yes, I liked the simplicity of the website. I also like the fact that it had a clear head shot of you and all the information was short but still clear and authoritative.

2 What you liked or found beneficial as an experience of my work
I felt very rested and relaxed, it was a lovely way to start off the weekend away. Even better, it helped to stave off my lower back pain for a good couple of days. Also, following your helpful reminder about the tension I have on one side, I have been more rigorous about doing my yoga stretches in the morning to try and regain the balance that carrying a bag, sitting at the office etc have put wrong.

3 Why you would recommend me
The session was great. I thought you were very thorough and professional and I really appreciated the time you took at the start to discuss my aches and pains. It was nice to add in some of the hypnobirthing/relaxation technique as well.I would definitely recommend you to others.

Also how I can improve my service would be greatly appreciated?
Your service was great and very helpful. Just wish I’d found you earlier and you lived nearer!”

Nicola Green, on holiday in Hasketon ( From Brixton-London) – Media Sales

“We just wanted to say thank you for the most incredible session yesterday.  We don’t know how you do it, but what you do is amazing. I personally feel like I’ve been reset to some sort of balance; so much more than just a massage.  Karen says her only gripe is that it didn’t last longer.”

Gavin and Karen (Hadleigh, Suffolk) – Owner – Beverages Distributor

“Just to say I have had several treatments with Melanie and to be honest they have been amazing.  Afterwards I have felt lighter and more relaxed.  Melanie has angelic like qualities that not only relax but are also uplifting.  I’d recommend her to anyone.”

Sara Alexander (Ipswich, Suffolk) – Accountant