What Do I Do?

We’re all different. Prior to starting each treatment, I will find out how you would like to ‘feel’ by the end of it. Calm? Energised? Joyful and loose? Free? Balanced? Have clarity and focus? These are some of the end results my clients choose.

I aim to tailor my movements, working with your breathing and vision to create the results you want. When you begin walking after each treatment once you are dressed, you will notice positive improvements. This is my commitment to you. So feel fantastic with your body and mind, feel the positive transformations within your walk from your very first treatment. That’s my promise.

My working hours are from 8:30am-8pm on weekdays, and on weekends by appointment. There is a referral scheme for my services, whereby if you refer me to a friend, the both of you will receive £5 off your next appointment.



Natural massage therapy right through to birth, with hypnobirthing to create calm and comfortable experience.


Holistic birthing services attending and support whether in hospital or at home.


Energetical massages to help your baby’s development and enhance your bonding.


Placenta encapsulation is simply a natural and powerful way to empower not only your postbirthing experience due to increased healing and energy levels. It also gives power back to you in your choices in creating your own powerful well-being.


VITAL Heated stone massage for deep muscle relaxation and balancing internal energy flow.


Thermo Auricular candles are used along which are extremely soothing and can decrease many imbalances felt within the ear and sinuses.

VITAL NoHands Massage

Deeply structural and effective  massage primarily using the  forearms  and Now offering “Sports Approach” as well as taster evenings within the home.


Pressure-point work upon the feet for restorative relaxation, stress-relief, and decreasing many imbalances within the body, like sleep, digestional and anxiety related disorders.


Deeply gentle work restorative and focused on relaxing the body’s sensitive and delicate body’s own internal energy flow.  Practitioner’s hands are gently placed intuitively on areas that may need support balance and relief from tensions. This work is deeply relaxing and re juvenating.