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Reflexology Fertility Therapy

I offer a bespoke reflexology service, and if you wish, I can combine this alongside relaxation and visualisation techniques. I have had specifically positive results in relation to infertility- see inset picture of Gemma and her lovely family.

They had had challenges with infertility and Gemma deeply felt that this specific approach of relaxation alongside  Reflexology played a great part in her IVF being successful twice when it had failed previously without holistic support. I have had several other cases which I believe, due to the increased levels of oxytocin have enabled people’s health to powerfully increase its efficiency when under duress mentally and physically. Please take a look at the scientific evidence of the effects of oxytocin in Kerstin Uvnas Moberg’s Book- The Oxytocin Factor-

Fertility Success story twice over using Holistic therapy alongside IVF.

Fertility Success story twice over using Holistic therapy alongside IVF.

My clients often comment that they leave feeling deeply rejuvenated and peaceful, reporting marked improvements on their sleep.

This work is pressure point based – a technique used on the feet to create a feeling of tranquility and well-being. The relaxation techniques offered are completely your choice and you will remain entirely in control. It is simple and effective.

I am also offering the no hands reflex massage treatment which has the exact same benefits- for those familiar with  traditional techniques, stay open minded and experience the same powerful benefits in a deep and different way – you won’t be disappointed! The main difference is that you are layed on your front, chest resting on cushions for a large part of the treatment time.

  • Anxiety, stress-related conditions, sleep imbalances, headaches.
  • Parkinsons Disease.
  • Digestive disorders, IBS, skeletal joint pain, sciatica and RSI.
  • Reproductive disorders, infertility, PMS and menopausal imbalances.
  • Children’s imbalances, glue ear and irritable bowel.


Sessions Price
One Session £35
Three Sessions £85