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IPEN-Specialists-Certified-and-Licensed…”Changing the way we heal after birth”

Having trained with IPEN the leading Independant encapsulation specialist training group.

I am totally inspired and proud to offer this empowering service to all mothers.
Why is the Placenta so important for post-birth healing?

During and after a normal vaginal delivery (including post-natal bleeding) a new mother will lose between 1/8 to 1/10 of her body’s blood supply. With caesarean section births, blood loss can be significantly more. Losing a large amount of iron so quickly can cause anaemia, leaving a new mum feeling tired, faint and exhausted.
The blood needs high supplies of iron to carry oxygen to the cells. Low supplies of oxygen leave your cells starving and less able to heal after trauma.
The placenta benefits the new mother by supplying incredibly rich meaty iron, amino acids and essential fats which we believe is the perfect replenishment following the ordeal of birth.

Stem cells
and growth factors in the placenta play a key role in healing the wound left inside the uterus after birth by the separation of the placenta from the uterine wall. A mother will typically bleed for between 3 – 6 weeks after birth. This blood loss stems from where the placenta separated from the uterine wall. We have found however that mothers who consume their placenta after birth, particularly after consuming raw placenta in a smoothie or other, bleed significantly less e.g. usually much lighter bleeding for between just 5 – 10 days after giving birth.

The most important nutrients found in rich supply in the placenta include:

Stem Cells and Growth Factors.
Iron – essential for oxygen absorption in the cells.
Vitamins B6 – aids in the making of antibodies.
Vitamin E – for healing damaged skin cells.
Oxytocin hormone – essential for facilitating birth and breastfeeding.
Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) – responsible for reducing stress levels.
Cytokines – Fibroblasts that trigger cell metabolism healing and replacing damaged cells and tissue.

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  • Development and Physiology of the Placenta and Membranes – See more at: 
  • The placenta benefits a healing mother after birth in many forms. Placenta smoothies, capsules, creams, tinctures, essences and homeopathic remedies can all be made using the placenta; each may have their own benefit to the body and encourage a quicker more natural recovery after birth – See more at:


Placenta encapsulation is simply a natural and powerful way to empower not only your postbirthing experience due to increased healing and energy levels. It also gives power back to you in your choices in creating your own powerful well-being.

Placenta Smoothies – There is a charge for any equipment or ingredients supplied
*I can assist you or a member of your household to prepare your smoothie at your home. I am unable to assist you in hospital nor are do we prepare them in our homes.*

A mix of fresh placenta with berries and whatever else takes your fancy to make up a delicious drink to be made and consumed as soon as possible after the birth of the placenta.fresh-fruit-smoothie-300×300


The raw placenta is known for its high contents of stem cells and growth factors which together heal damaged tissue and organs at a very incredible rate. Consuming the placenta raw is the most natural and beneficial way to benefit from your placenta after birth.

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