Transformational Massage

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Having had treatments myself for over five years now, I speak from personal experience, and trust me, the more I have this work, the more I get from it, every single time. Now that I am qualified as an advanced bodyworker and undertaking mastery, I simply can’t put into words how productive this work has been to learn, but more importantly to receive as a client it truly is transformational.

No Hands Massage is a dynamic new approach to Massage and sweeping across the world as one of the most powerful new therapeutic Massage treatments available. It was conceived and developed by UK Massage Therapist and registered Psychotherapist, Gerry Pyves, after a traumatic Massage injury to both his wrists occurred on the same day. Hence the term ‘NOHANDS’ as it is focused on zero strain postures used by the practitioner.

It works by using the soft surfaces of the forearms, as well as the shoulders providing  a deeper and very  structural massage.  I find it creates alot more calm very quickly within my mind enabling me to deeply relax. This is why it has become the Massage treatment of choice for many professional Massage therapists being labeled ” The powerful giant” of massage. I now offer sports approach in this work which is dynamic and proving very effective in pain relief, aiding performance before sports and after. It helps with anxiety related disorders and undeniably for all of my clients, brings deep relaxation and uplifts them.  They comment on its powerful effects which are felt long after the treatment has finished. Simply ” feel it to believe it !


Sessions Price
One Session £45
Buy a course of 4 for only £150

*if you book monthly by standing order, each session is only £35

No Hands Massage Taster Party!

Why not hold a ‘No Hands Massage taster party’ for a gathering of friends who want to try the No Hands experience together?

A minimum of four people is needed to book. You can choose a 20 minute session from the treatments listed below each. Each guest simply pays £10 I will arrive at your home 20 mins before your chosen time setup. Some ladies like to organise lunch or evening nibbles in a different room to make it truly a “super spa’ experience!

There are many treatments to try:

  • The No Hands Sports Massage- Targeting specific areas to enhance performance and pain relief
  • The No Hands Spine and Structural release Massage
  • The No Hands Full Body Massage
  • The No Hands Colon Massage
  • The No Hands Reflex/Foot Massage
  • The No Hands Nurturing face, neck & arms Massage
  • The No Hands shoulder & neck Massage

Simply call 07899 942 760 or email me here to book now or for more information.