Vital Candling

Thermal Auricular Candling

Apart from the actual candle treatment itself, I also include gentle acupressure on the face using cool marble stones, along with gentle but effective passive stretches to the neck, and finishing with Reflexology points, which specifically aids drainage of lymph and supports the body. I like to make this treatment a truly rounded and soothing experience for the individual, decreasing many imbalances quite effectively! It is bespoke treatment, and you will walk away feeling wonderful relief with a clear mind- that’s a promise!

The candles themselves are very effective and made of natural ingredients, they are placed over the auditory canal, creating a vacuum once lit, drawing up any excess dust, debris or built up wax in the ear canal. This gently restores the balance of pressure. It is painless, relaxing and benefits:

  • Glue ear, sinusitis in children & adults
  • Rhinitus, tinitus, general ear problems
  • Imbalances after swimming, diving or flying


Session Price (£)
One Session £45.00

Simply call 07899 942 760 or email me here to book now or for more information.