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A ‘Doula’ I believe, is a personal reflection of ‘your’ inner wishes in honour of all that you chose along your birthing journey, every breathe I believe brings something new moment to moment. I will honour and protect your birthing environment so you feel safe and know that I am ‘with you’ every step of the way. Present, yet only there close by if you request or breathing with you offering shiatsu or massage through each contraction ( surge, rush or wave can be useful terminology too, they sounds much more fluid dont they?) I will happily attend to all that you chose and desire as an assistant in nurturance, encouragement, empowerment and support.

Being a hypnobirthing teacher, pregnancy massage therapist and passionate advocate of ” intuitive birthing,” my service offers time and understanding to protect and  “hold” your space with you.
What intent do you want to bring to your birth ? What do you want to acknowledge safely in trust to help release past concerns or present, to move more freely into the power of your amazing and very capable body right now?

Getting clear
Everything that you are mammalian, powerfully intuitive in body- mind wisdom, I believe, is to be celebrated before labour begins.
It is important to clear of “old beliefs,” stories, whether through your own perceptions, TV, or through friends experiences or events even from your own past birthing, to face them and let go as best you can.

Being in the NOW in this new pregnancy is vital.
Birth IS a natural process and your body IS designed to give birth naturally, I believe you can do it.

There are many things to discuss, whether consultant led or birthing at home in a birthing pool, what do you envision and how would you like to be supported?

As a doula I will support your choices, choices for birth are to be explored.
Interventions how you feel about these, induction the risks, the benefits,birthing suiteor home birth?
Ultimately your choice and i am only too willing to be your advocate, your choices are to respected by each professional that you meet, including by your doula. Are you seen as high risk or low risk, how do you feel about that ? Do you need more support ?
Do you need more support or feel you would like to meet with the head of midwifery or get advice from a SOM ( Supervisor of midwifery)? if you have questions about your health, do you feel your options have been discussed clearly enough, the risks the choices available are they the only ones? Is there anything you would like more information on or to be supported with differently?

Birth vision ideas can be created at any point and given to your midwifery team so that they are aware of what matters to you in your labour and birth what you want in your birth canbe positively supported through clear communication. We can look at these choices.

The practicals of labour
Packing for the birthing suite or hospital, would you like me to take you to hospital whilst your partner looks after the children?
Getting readyfor birth at home

As a doula I can assist with cooking a meal if you need, or looking after other children for a while whilst you rest. Its all possible and your choice. I will be able to offer suggestions to your midwife with regards to anything you may wish me to remind her of, whilst you are busy labouring and re assure you that you are doing brilliantly when there is only us in the room if things are getting tough.
Most of all I will primarily ensure your space and focus is protected, that communication is positive and supportive to you and that you are not interrupted from your intuitive focus during your labour which is absolutely essential.

All of these things I believe, bring a practical re assurance and a very useful perspective.

Michel Odent and myself, June 2013. "Paramanadoula" Training with Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers, 2013. Inspiring women to birth in not only in peace and quiet but with astounding results in thousands of births worldwide.

Michel Odent and myself, June 2013.
“Paramanadoula” Training completed with Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers, 2013.
Inspiring women to experience not only un-disturbed  births, but with astounding natural results in thousands of birthing environments worldwide.

My own passions….

Apart from the importance of an un-disturbed birth and making sure you feel totally safe to move and do whatever you need to do in a peaceful environment un-observed.
“Breathe is birth and birth is breathe”  is my motto.

Whether through movement or our voice within, having the freedom and ‘space mindfully held’ by others to express anything that comes up in birth is such an important imprint not only for your own benefit as a birthing mother, but for your baby as well. So they too innately feel that it is safe to express themselves right from the beginning of life.

Having trained as a Doula with Michel Odent and attending wonderful talks with pioneers in birth, like Sheila Kitzinger and Gail Tully ( Spinning Sarah Buckley they all speak about the powerful cocktail of hormones in labour and bonding hormones, all very experienced advocates in birthing and writers of many books.
I am particularly inspired by Frederic LeBoyer’s book “birth without violence and Ina May Gaskin’s Guide through childbirth. I also highly recommend the importance of Oxytocin and Kerstin Uvas Moberg’s book-“The Oxytocin Factor” is a great read for this.

I believe it is a beautiful and very important bond that is built and is a service there if you wish to feel not only a practical support, but an emotional one at this very important time in your life. I am here for you…..

Please do get in touch about my packages that I offer or email me here to book now. Why not book a FREE meeting with me at your home or at a coffee shop somewhere convenient for you?


Time Price (£)
packages start from £250.00
Packages are available and I am happy to discuss your needs on a one to one basis-  
Post Natal hourly rate £10 per hour.
I will be only too happy to hear what you felt and experienced in your labor and birth in a free post natal session after your birth.
I also offer”Closing the bones ceremonies post natally.
Please do call me to discuss your needs and choices. I look forward to hearing from you, Melanie X