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"Sasha and Niamh" Hypnobirthig baby and successful natural birth after first birth with interventions, 2013.

“Sasha and Niamh” Hypnobirthing baby and successful natural birth after first birth with interventions (VBAC), 2013.

"Hello mummy" play and soothing in baby massage session, 2013.

“Hello mummy” play and soothing in baby massage session, 2013.


This has truly become a passion of mine after having trained with Peter Walker, pioneer of developmental massage and author of the “Baby Massage,” Caroll and Brown books.

I have also trained with the founder of the “Well Mother” Pregnancy massage and midwife, Suzanne Yates, back in 2004, and have found through my experience of using energetical work and shiatsu points with mums throughout pregnancy, when baby arrives he or she is extremely happy to receive the same gentle but powerful energetical work. It is a beautiful and positive, bonding experience for both the baby and the parents.I also believe again with oxytocin being so prevalent throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatally this helps continue the release and wonderful calm soothing connection between mummy and baby. I love to happily introduce the CALMS approach within baby massage

CALMS A Guide to Soothing Your Baby: Carrie Contey PhD

Benefits of a Baby Massage:

  • Loving touch lessens tension, fussiness and irritability. 
  • Digestion is aided and this can provide relief of gas and colic. 
  • I believe massage is also a wonderful way to lessen stress between the parent and baby.
  • Enhance your Bonding.
  • “Positive Touch”conveys nurturance and love, the essential ingredients for emotional and physical growth and wellbeing for babies.
  • This in turn has a positive effect on your wellbeing and levels of relaxation. 
  • It can support balancing and recovery for mothers suffering with Post Natal Depression.
  • Help your baby’s development.
  • Studies have shown increased weight gain, and immune function. 
  • Myelination of nerves is also increased. 
  • These things are needed for brain and muscle development.
  • It may also improve baby’s sleep…always a bonus!
Time Price (£)
2 Hour session within your home £65.00
Simply call 07899 942 760 or email me here to book now or for more information.