Melanie-Sara Barugh DipHbA, MNHMA,

Member of Doula UK

Sheila Kitzinger, Myself and Katharine Graves, Birthing convention -2013.

Sheila Kitzinger, Myself and Katharine Graves, Birthing convention -2013.


Over time, I have continued to increase my knowledge and as a result qualify in many therapies and areas of specialist and transformational massage approaches. Mainly in the profoundly powerful, ‘NO HANDS® massage’ . I have become an Advanced therapist under the instruction of Gerry Pyves and currently undertaking mastery in this exiting work. Whether you are tired and simply need some calm soothing work or a restorative energetic sports approach, I can offer so much from this diverse, “transformational bodywork”

How do you want to feel by the end of your session? Its your choice and the outcome will be exactly what you ask for, every time.My first and foremost passions are to introduce and inspire newcomers to the exciting world of  ‘holistic health’.

My treatments will leave you feeling the results long after the treatment has finished. I love my work and I think this is truly noticeable when receiving a treatment from me, I look forward to working with you!

I have  trained with a variety of specialists, including developmental baby massage author, Peter Walker, Midwife and Shiatsu specialist in Pregnancy Massage, Suzzane Yates. Thai Yoga Massage and Qi Gong Master, Prebhat Menon, in South India.

Most recently I am now part of the Doula UK Assocation through training with lead by  French surgeon and Author in birth developments Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers, London, both have been such an inspiration to me for some years. Michel Odent first through his pioneering approaches to natural easy birthing in Pithiviers, France in the late seventies.

I have also qualified as a Hypnobirthing teacher with Katharine Graves and attended workshops with Gail Tully

I now believe I have quite the ‘spectrum’ of wonderful and easy movements to share and aid pregnancy which may  enhance birthing naturally and bring the balance to birthing in its purest form; with total focus on the mother’s instincts, following her body and her baby’s energy in a safe space and using the intuitive part of the mind.

Birthing can be powerful yet easier through confident mind and body focus.

I can offer sessions to look at “mapping” where your baby is which is wonderful play and re assuring in pregnancy, the main focus always on ensuring mothers feel confident and great in any choice they make, all of my work is about this and it is always from a place of honour and love.

Lastly but by no means least, I am now offering placenta encapsulation for even more empowerment and bringing vitality to your body after all the hard, hard work!! Visit my page on this… YOUR WORTH IT X