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Hypnobirthing Courses

 The joy of hypnobirthing…..

Having qualified under positive guidance through acclaimed training with Katharine Graves Hynpnobirthing Centre, London,  you can choose to be part of a hypnobirthing class or have one-to-one sessions. I am now fully equipped with a vast array of powerful tools and teaching ante-natal support to ensure your birthing experience is calm, comfortable and a positively powerful one. I will ensure that the logical and simple tools learned are easy for both you and your birthing partner to follow. There are so many elements of labour to cover and I give your partners some fantastic practical tools alongside the shared relaxation. Labour can sometimes be shorter due to due to the approach centered around protection and a very mindful undisturbed labour. There is so much to share to fill you with confidence and to instill a strong sense of being fully informed, a safe place to explore any emotional concerns, fears, doubts so that no stone is left un-turned.
This is about your journey, your feelings and your empowerment through and through.

I believe you will feel in complete control by using the logical safe hypnosis techniques taught, and I have every faith that you will feel very different about your pregnancy,(even if your’e in your last trimester) leading to a strong confidence in labour and birth, it CAN be profound and a very happy one.

Are you excited by this? I most certainly am. I’m also very passionate about ensuring that I work and support you every step of the way. Phone support is also offered. Most other courses are between 4-10 couples, but I believe it should be a more personal and spontaneous experience, as such, I offer one to one sessions at present and group sessions of up to three couples will be available in Ipswich in the near future.

2 moths after a natural birth, Little JJ is a very strong and content baby according to first time mum, Jules. 2013.

2 months after a natural birth, Little JJ is a very strong and content baby according to first time mum, Jules. 2013.

Course Details

  • 10 – 12 hours of teaching over three to four day or evenings or two days if preferred, at my home (Ipswich, IP1) or in your own home. 
  • Presently I offer one to one training, each couple has expressed this has invaluable in its flexibility and intimate, safe and personal setting.
  • Techniques of self-hypnosis, clearing fears through visualisation and breathing are efficiently worked through each session and where needed. All of which prepare you physically and emotionally for the best possible birthing experience.
  • Birth partners are fully involved, acquiring skills which enable them to play an important supportive role, through learning reflexology, and some specific pregnancy massage for soothing and relaxing their birthing partners and baby together.
  • Relaxation techniques and confidence building skills ensure that the birth is eagerly anticipated, your journey will become not only empowering but leaving you feeling in control and happy.
  • Full antenatal education regarding the differences between a home birth, hospital birth or midwife led unit, along with intervention information and discussions. Helping to instil good awareness of all of the “unknown” outcomes that are possible, leaving you fully equipped to embrace all situations with confidence.
  • CDs to keep, scripts, positive affirmations and relevant handouts are given and any other information is always printed and added as we go each session. 
  • Ongoing support by phone and email through the remainder of your pregnancy, is always, my pleasure on this very precious journey.

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