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VITAL- “having active strength of body or mind, fundamentally concerned with or affecting life or living beings, tending to renew or refresh the living, kinetic, sparky, spirited!”

I offer powerful, bespoke, exciting and efficient massage therapy that gets results every time. Not only will my work help to increase your well-being, it will help you to maintain and ENJOY IT!


“Another awsome session, one of the best yet and exactly what I needed.”  – Gavin-Company Owner Hadleigh.



Pressure-points are worked upon the feet for it efficiently can aid reducing many imbalances within the body. It is deeply relaxing and extremely supportive in regaining balance with hormones and stimulates all of the cranial nerves along the spine. I specialise in infertility as well as IBS, anxiety and stress disorders.


Hypnobirthing can create such a joyful focus in understanding the importance of a focused mind. I will hold a space for you and your partner to journey together and explore deeper relaxation. Its truly something you can confidently master and be fully in control of, both body and mind. I will teach you logic and practical skills to ensure you fully understand all aspects of your birthing choices, your environment and the important role of “oxytocin.” Our body’s natural love hormone and its role in ensuring your endorphins bring you not only a naturally positive birth, but a truly empowered birth experience for you and your baby and your birthing partner.


Doula birthing service whether at home or in a midwife led unit, for first, third or fifth baby. Whatever you decide is right for you, I will be behind you every step of the way and wish only to ensure your sacred space is protected so that you remain fully un-disturbed, calm and comfortable. Now being part of Doula UK, I look forward to having the honour of experiencing so many more amazing births. In silent gratitude and always in celebration, my wish ultimately is always that each birth brings pure joy and happiness to all.


Deeply powerful Pregnancy massage from the earliest weeks it is safe to experience the nurturing support through massage, right up until your baby is born and beyond.

I also offer BESPOKE and POWERFUL visualisations, plus practical  relaxation techniques to enhance YOUR birth preparation within your body. Simply feel light and wonderful!


From 9 weeks onwards enhance your baby’s development improve their sleep and and enhance your bonding. This work is playful, soothing, to deeply nurture both of you and create a wonderful new sensory world of communication, empowering your intuition and creating time for both of you to relax and soothe together.


Placenta encapsulation is simply a natural and powerful way to empower not only your post-birthing experience due to increased healing and energy levels. It also gives power back to you in your choices in creating your own powerful well-being.


A transformative, powerful, structural approach to massage and now offering Sports NO HANDS® Massage too.
NO HANDS® is a dynamic new form of Massage that is sweeping across the world as one of the most powerful new therapeutic Massage treatments available. Conceived and developed by UK therapist Gerry Pyves after 20 years of clinical testing, it is being hailed as “The Gentle Giant” of healing therapies. This work will change your
walk for the better, feel it to believe it!


Heated stone massage for deep muscle relaxation through the whole of the body which generates wonderful muscle release and balancing internal energy flow. A great body and mind treatment to relax or invigorate.


Soothing cotton tubular candles are safely burned to draw up any impurities from the ear canal, clearing debris and any inner ear imbalances, naturally. I also offer facial massage and gentle lymph draining along with some reflex points on the feet to aid the process of clearing the sinuses and balancing the body further. Wonderfully efficient and deeply relaxing.